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If you are looking at starting a new business in Canberra then one of your most important marketing aspects is your web web page (website). Especially if you don’t serve customers at a storefront / retail or office. Your web page (website) then becomes your storefront for customers to find you through search and many another advertising  mediums.

Now that you have decided that you need a web page designed, you need to consider a whole rang of things. I’ll start with the basics:

Basic things you need to get a web page up and running:

  • Decide on a ‘Domain Name’ –  e.g: www.mybusinessname.com.au – you can get buy a domain name here for $30 – Buy Domain Names Canberra
  • Think about what type of web page you will need for your Canberra business.  Sell items online? Brochure/Informational web page or News/Blog type web page.
  • Do you have any business branding already created? This would be as simple as a logo or colour scheme etc.
  • Web page design – Checkout your competitors (both local and National) and start making a list of features you like about their web page and think about what you would like your web page to look like and what colour scheme you might like.
  • Engage a local web page design company in Canberra to commence the design phase (includes step 6 and 7 )
  • Create content – What words and messaged do you need to convey on your website?
  • Consider the number of pages and titles they might have? Example: Home, About us, Services, Portfolio, Gallery, News, Contact us. etc…
  • Once the design phase is complete, you should have been working hard on your web page content!
  • Web Hosting Plan – contact us for a affordable, reliable Australian based web hosting solution – warning offshore hosting maybe cheap, but a lot of headaches come with it too. Quality costs!
  • Review and Go-live!

There are a number of additional web page design elements that will pop up during the list of 10 items, but I think this gives you a solid basis for how to get a basic website up and running.

Once your web page has gone live, you now need traffic (web page visitors).  We can help with that too! – and we’re very good at it!

Your options are broad when it comes to advertising.  The costs range from the type of advertising you choose, however we can generally come up with an online marketing package to suit most businesses.

Contact us today for your obligation FREE web page design consultation.

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