Canberra Web Solutions (CWS) became an official Google Engage Agency in  March 2013.

This means Canberra Web Solutions can offer Free Google Advertising credits to each and every new business who engage CWS to manage and maintain their Google Adwords advertising campaigns.

How does this benefit your business?

1. CWS is professionally ‘Google Adwords’ trained. Yes, we’re actually trained by Google.

2. We put your business to the top of page one of Google for highly targeted search terms for near on instant targeted business driven to your website at the lowest cost possible. Yes CWS can reduce your Google Adwords running click costs.  Engage with us and we’ll show you how!

3. The Google Adwords back-end ‘admin area’ is essentially an auction platform for keywords and search phrases. So basically you can just bid big dollars for your keywords and end up at top of page one easy. HOWEVER, be warned that Google will happily bleed your account dry in no time and if you’re not careful and haven’t a clue what you’re doing, you could easily end up in big debt. CWS is a seasoned professional authorised Google Adwords management business, so you can be sure you’ll receive great ROI every month. We supply highly detailed website traffic reports so you can measure the success of our Google Awords campaigns we run for your business.

3.  Yellow Pages are not linked with Google like have been telling business. Their Google advertising campaigns will cost you 2-3 times more than ours, and I’d put money on you having more success with us than with Yellow Pages.  Actually you’ll have more success advertising with Canberra Web Solutions than with anything the Yellow Pages offer these days. Yellow Pages is a near dead advertising medium.

Contact us today, for your free $100 Google Adwords advertising voucher and let us drive more business your way.

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