Are Your Twitter Followers Real?

Well now you can check!!

As the headline suggests, not all Twitter accounts have ‘real’ followers.  This is not breaking news to most Internet Marketers, however, if you have been engaging in some dodgy Twitter follower gigs, then your business (or worse – your clients business) will soon see a big hit to their ‘thousands’ of Twitter followers.  I bet there are some high profile Social Media Marketing (SMM) companies out there biting their nails right now, knowing their past clients may be on the phone very soon questioning their sudden massive drop in Twitter followers.

Want to check if your Social Media Marketing agency/business has been engaging in ethical SMM campaigns? Do you want to know if your Twitter followers are actually real??

Well check-out this nice new app that will tell you just how many fake Twitter followers you really have!

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Web Designer Canberra ACT

web design canberraThere is no shortage of web design business in Canberra, however when you are at the stage of  selecting a web design business for your project, there are some important facts you should remember.  What should you look out for in a quality web design business?

Take a look at our top 5 tips on selecting a quality web design business.

Top Five Signs You’re Dealing With A Quality Canberra Web Design Business

1. The business should display a high quality website portfolio – Does their portfolio look appealing? Do they have a large clientele?
2. The business should be able develop quality Content Management System (CMS) websites (eg: Wordpress), ability to develop online shopping cart websites and develop PHP, MySQL and HTML5 and CSS3 websites. This is more of a question you should ask your prospective web design business.
3, They are predominantly a web design business and not a graphic design business.  From my experience, I have found graphic designers develop visually pleasing websites, however the websites often rank poorly in search engines, usability is poor, lack in user engagement (ie: lead generation, email submits, navigation issues and more…)
4. Their website ranks well in local search.
5. The web business name should be registered (ABN) and actively promote web and Internet related services such as search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click Ad Management, Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

That’s my top five for now, I will be back to revise and update the list in the ear future. So remember to do your research and never go with the first web design business in Canberra.  If you need a rough price guide then you shouldn’t pay more than $250  per web page.  If your quotes are pushing $3,000+ for a fairly standard business website (basic details 5-6 menu items) Then you need to look else where!

Canberra Web Solutions offers local business affordable web design services, with our vast knowledge of search engine optimisation and Internet marketing, you can be sure your investment with us is a successful one.


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Professional SEO Company in Canberra



Does your small business need to rank higher in Google for your industry/niche market? Canberra Web Solutions is a professional SEO company from Canberra. We maybe a newly registered business, however, our long standing (10+ years) in web design and website promotions/marketing (aka Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)) is proven through our recent clients who have seen a big increase in customer leads and sales since they engaged Canberra Web Solutions to design, SEO and SEM their web presence.

We eat, breath and shhh web design and SEO, SEM, SMM and Google, it’s our business , it’s our life, it’s our passion.  We’re here to shake up the Canberra Web Design and SEO industry with affordable web design, highly profitable SEO campaigns, that leave your competition for dead.

Your businesses web presence is often your ‘Front of Shop’ (eg: Local Landscaper, Plumber, Builder etc).  In the very near future you will be left for dead and struggling to generate more business if you do not have an effective, professionally optimised web presence and website marketing strategy.

Let’s talk mobile for a sec; over 85% of Australian’s will own an Internet capable smartphone by end 2013.  Australia is dubbed to be the leading consumer of smartphones and with the rapid growth we’ve seen in the mobile sector over the last 5-6 years this figure will/can only rise. So how does your business rank in search engines (Google to name a few :) ?  Are you even on the web?  Or if your website looks like this one then you may as well not be on the web: (if you own this website please call contact us!  We can help! :)

Over the years we have continually up-skilled our SEO knowledge by attending World class Local SEO, SEM and Google Adwords training, conferences and mentorships.  We consistently hone our online marketing skills and knowledge, we ensure our practises are always inline with Google’s policies and we keep up to date with Google’s algorithm updates. Our ecstatic clients are our proof of our broad SEO knowledge and expertise.

If you like you could always test the SEO companies in Canberra be asking them general link building questions such as:


1. I have a site about [insert topic]. Give me an example of a link target site for you feel will help my search rank, one that would help my click traffic, and one that would help my company reputation.

2. Please explain how each of the above will accomplish their specific objective?

3. What part does my competitor’s link profiles play in your linking strategy for my site?

4. Who will be “on the keyboard” doing the actual link seeking?

5. I have a budget for buying links. How would you spend it?

Source from our good friends at search engine watch

Do your research and do not fall for inferior ‘SEO’ ‘SEM’ and ‘SMM’ companies which may very well hurt your search engine presence!

Only engage and invest in a trusted SEO company in Canberra that will grow and improve your web presence and search rankings over time.

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