Canberra Web Solutions is an Approved Google Engage Agency

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Please don’t tell me you’re still spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Pages ads every year… still!  Yellow Pages is a near on dead advertising medium for most businesses, due to a massive increase in internet capable smartphones, tablets and smart TVs over the last six years or so.

Enter Google AdWords – Advertising on the Google AdWords platform really is the pinnacle of digital advertising.  No other digital advertising media comes close to what you can achieve through a carefully crafted AdWords campaign.  With hundreds of reporting avenues, goal conversions, keyword tracking and when integrated with Google Analytics it becomes unstoppable.  But ‘buyer beware’ if don’t know what you’re doing your ‘Cost Per Click’ can be very expensive and quickly get out of hand costing you a lot of money with little ROI.

Canberra Web Solutions has been running Google AdWords Campaigns for our clients for over four years now with fantastic results.  Our clients on average see a 200-300% ROI through carefully crafted ad campaigns and optimised landing pages designed to get your users to call or submit a web form for a sales lead.

Canberra Web Solutions is offering every new client $100 of Adwords dollars when you engage our Google AdWords services for a minimum of two months. Some other basic conditions apply so to find out more please contact us today.