We’re Officially a Google Engage Agency!


Canberra Web Solutions (CWS) became an official Google Engage Agency in  March 2013.

This means Canberra Web Solutions can offer Free Google Advertising credits to each and every new business who engage CWS to manage and maintain their Google Adwords advertising campaigns.

How does this benefit your business?

1. CWS is professionally ‘Google Adwords’ trained. Yes, we’re actually trained by Google.

2. We put your business to the top of page one of Google for highly targeted search terms for near on instant targeted business driven to your website at the lowest cost possible. Yes CWS can reduce your Google Adwords running click costs.  Engage with us and we’ll show you how!

3. The Google Adwords back-end ‘admin area’ is essentially an auction platform for keywords and search phrases. So basically you can just bid big dollars for your keywords and end up at top of page one easy. HOWEVER, be warned that Google will happily bleed your account dry in no time and if you’re not careful and haven’t a clue what you’re doing, you could easily end up in big debt. CWS is a seasoned professional authorised Google Adwords management business, so you can be sure you’ll receive great ROI every month. We supply highly detailed website traffic reports so you can measure the success of our Google Awords campaigns we run for your business.

3.  Yellow Pages are not linked with Google like have been telling business. Their Google advertising campaigns will cost you 2-3 times more than ours, and I’d put money on you having more success with us than with Yellow Pages.  Actually you’ll have more success advertising with Canberra Web Solutions than with anything the Yellow Pages offer these days. Yellow Pages is a near dead advertising medium.

Contact us today, for your free $100 Google Adwords advertising voucher and let us drive more business your way.

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Paypal Credit Card Reader

Paypal is soon (mid 2013) to release its much anticipated move into the retail sector through it’s credit card reader for the iPhone, iPad and Android and point of sale software integration,

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Rilack Landscapes

Rilack Landscapes is a Canberra based Landscaping business that we recently engaged and developed their online web presence. http://rilacklandscapes.com.au is their website and Canberra Web Solutions recently developed their online marketing strategy, so stay tuned for the results and success stories.

Rilack Landscapes Social Media integration:

As you can see on the Rilack Landscapes main website, we’ve integrated Facebook ‘Like’ button and counter, Google +1 button and counter, twitter follow and setup their LinkedIn account.

Rilack Landscapes Social Pages:


Google Plus


We can setup your small business social media marketing like we have for many small businesses in Canberra.  You’ll see an increase is business through social media which you wouldn’t normally receive without a social presence.  Get social now – it’s important for any business and will benefit your business in the long run as everyone turns to social media more and more for business reviews and advice.

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Improving Sporting Club Websites is Affordable

Not to long ago Canberra Web Solutions was contacted by Central Hockey Club in Canberra to help them develop a new website and remove their club from their hosted website at http://www.sportingpulse.com/.  Yes sporting pulse may be getting clubs online, however most sporting club websites hosted by Sporting Pulse are less than ideal and full of ads and other unrelated material.

The transition from their old website to their new website was very straight forward and not to mention affordable and efficient.

The Central Hockey Club website is a customised  Wordpress website, which means the club are able manage their own website via WordPress’ leading content management system platform. This proves to be a very cost effective website solution for the Canberra Central Hockey Club as the club has taken over full management of the content which saves the club money by not having to pay for each update.

The Central Hockey Website can be viewed here: www.centralhockey.org

Affordable sporting club websites is what we specialise in and if you believe your sporting club deserves a more professional website solution then contact us today.

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Professional SEO Company in Canberra



Does your small business need to rank higher in Google for your industry/niche market? Canberra Web Solutions is a professional SEO company from Canberra. We maybe a newly registered business, however, our long standing (10+ years) in web design and website promotions/marketing (aka Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)) is proven through our recent clients who have seen a big increase in customer leads and sales since they engaged Canberra Web Solutions to design, SEO and SEM their web presence.

We eat, breath and shhh web design and SEO, SEM, SMM and Google, it’s our business , it’s our life, it’s our passion.  We’re here to shake up the Canberra Web Design and SEO industry with affordable web design, highly profitable SEO campaigns, that leave your competition for dead.

Your businesses web presence is often your ‘Front of Shop’ (eg: Local Landscaper, Plumber, Builder etc).  In the very near future you will be left for dead and struggling to generate more business if you do not have an effective, professionally optimised web presence and website marketing strategy.

Let’s talk mobile for a sec; over 85% of Australian’s will own an Internet capable smartphone by end 2013.  Australia is dubbed to be the leading consumer of smartphones and with the rapid growth we’ve seen in the mobile sector over the last 5-6 years this figure will/can only rise. So how does your business rank in search engines (Google to name a few :) ?  Are you even on the web?  Or if your website looks like this one then you may as well not be on the web: http://goo.gl/xkIum (if you own this website please call contact us!  We can help! :)

Over the years we have continually up-skilled our SEO knowledge by attending World class Local SEO, SEM and Google Adwords training, conferences and mentorships.  We consistently hone our online marketing skills and knowledge, we ensure our practises are always inline with Google’s policies and we keep up to date with Google’s algorithm updates. Our ecstatic clients are our proof of our broad SEO knowledge and expertise.

If you like you could always test the SEO companies in Canberra be asking them general link building questions such as:


1. I have a site about [insert topic]. Give me an example of a link target site for you feel will help my search rank, one that would help my click traffic, and one that would help my company reputation.

2. Please explain how each of the above will accomplish their specific objective?

3. What part does my competitor’s link profiles play in your linking strategy for my site?

4. Who will be “on the keyboard” doing the actual link seeking?

5. I have a budget for buying links. How would you spend it?

Source from our good friends at search engine watch http://goo.gl/Fn6fa

Do your research and do not fall for inferior ‘SEO’ ‘SEM’ and ‘SMM’ companies which may very well hurt your search engine presence!

Only engage and invest in a trusted SEO company in Canberra that will grow and improve your web presence and search rankings over time.

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